We have been dealing with Officinal Plants since 1991, however our family (Bini-Cornioli) has been maturing its experience in the "field" since the early 1980s.

From the very beginning the technical knowledge is recognized by the market, leading the company to deal with important quantities for what is a niche market. Thus began the development of the first machinery and the import of raw materials from the countries of origin; 30 years later we are proudly a leading Italian company in the processing of medicinal plants.

Generations change over time but enthusiasm is renewed.

The various botanical species require a high level of know-how at all stages of the process, which can only be acquired through practical trials and experience over more than 40 years.

Cultivating and importing requires at the base a broad knowledge of the needs of each individual plant. Proper processing, on the other hand, requires the development and use of specially developed machinery, given the different shapes, densities and physical characteristics of the many medicinal species we handle.